7 Secrets for Your Best Skin

1 // Drink a lot of water. This is the easiest one, and one that you will see immediate results from. Your skin loves water. Being dehydrated is the easiest way to look like you have more wrinkles than you actually do.

2 // Get your beauty sleep. This one sounds easier than it might actually be for many of you but I know that consistently sleeping eight hours keeps my face looking fresh. If you get dark circles or bags under your eyes, getting more sleep is definitely something you should really try to do. And it’s free! I like to get in bed an hour before I actually want to fall asleep and read. It calms my mind and really helps me fall into a deep sleep.

3 // Use a silk/satin pillowcase. Reduce the friction on your skin and hair by using a silk pillowcase. I’ve read that you should only use 100% silk and look for long strand mulberry silk with a traditional charmeuse weave.

4 // Don’t smoke. For a million reasons, but if you need another — it’s terrible for your skin. I actually have a funny story about this. When I was in high school I smoked, because I thought it was cool or whatever. My mom could tell of course, and she thought that the best way to get me to stop was to tell me how bad it was for my skin. Good move on her part. In high school you think you are invincible to things like cancer, but tell me I’m going to do long-term damage to my skin and you’ve got my attention.

5 // Be religious with your moisturizers and serums. I’ve been using No7’s Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum under my moisturizer. It goes on so smooth and is an easy way for me to combat the wrinkles I’m starting to see in the mirror. Consistency is key — always apply twice a day!

6 // Don’t bake your face in the sun. Get a hat, wear sunglasses, use sunscreen, protect your skin because the sun is bad bad bad for it. Use self-tanners instead if you have to!

7 // Eat healthyWhat you eat can greatly affect your skin. If you are having skin problems try cutting certain things out of your diet to see if it helps your skin. Then reintroduce them one by one until you find the culprit. For some people dairy products cause their skin problems, for others it’s sugar. I know if I’ve been eating a lot of sugar and processed food my skin is definitely not looking it’s best, and a few days of lots of veggies and water will clear it up.